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Emergency & Non-Emergency Ambulance Service


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Emergency & Non-Emergency Ambulance Service in Coimbatore

Is there an emergency? Are you seeking immediate and appropriate help during an emergency in order to save a life?

We offer the best Coimbatore ambulance services near you. Star Ambulance is the leading emergency ambulance service in Coimbatore and non-emergency ambulance service in Coimbatore, and we are dedicated to offering quick and safe ambulance transportation services in coimbatore.

24 hours ambulance service in coimbatore

Emergency Ambulance Service:

Purpose: Emergency ambulances are designed to provide immediate medical assistance and transportation to individuals facing life-threatening situations or acute medical emergencies.

Dispatch: Emergency ambulances are typically dispatched through the emergency telephone number (+91 99947 11147) and are equipped to respond urgently to situations such as severe injuries, heart attacks, strokes, respiratory distress, and other critical medical conditions.

Medical Personnel: These ambulances are staffed with highly trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics who are skilled in providing pre-hospital emergency care, administering life-saving interventions, and stabilizing patients for transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

best ambulance service in coimbatore
best ambulance service in coimbatore

Non-Emergency Ambulance Service:


Non-emergency ambulances are used for transporting patients who require medical transportation but do not require immediate emergency care or intervention.

Types of Transfers:

Non-emergency ambulance services are often utilized for scheduled medical appointments, inter-facility transfers, or when a patient needs transportation but does not require urgent medical attention.

Medical Personnel:

Non-emergency ambulances are typically staffed by EMTs or trained ambulance drivers who ensure patient comfort, assist with mobility and monitor the patient's condition during transport.

Why choose Star Ambulance Service?

Hygiene is our top priority, Our ambulances are properly cleaned after each use. We provide our ambulances with the well equipment for basic and advanced life support systems in order to deliver the best service.

The Best ambulance services in Coimbatore are provided by Star Ambulance. We provide 24/7 support service, allowing you to reserve an ambulance in seconds. When you book with us, we begin our services and arrive at your location within 15 minutes. We have Emergency Ambulances, Non-Emergency Ambulances, ICU ambulances, Oxygen Cylinders, and Ventilator Support ambulances.

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best ambulance service in coimbatore

What Our Clients Say

If you or someone looking for reliable medical transportation service or Air or Train dead body transportation service with expert care & safety? Then the Star Ambulance service is one of the right choices in Coimbatore. Find here our Customers' or beneficiaries' feedback about our valuable ambulance services. Immediate medical care, safety, and patient comfort are our key values to be a trusty ambulance service provider in Coimbatore.

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