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24 Hours Dead Body Freezer Box On Rent in Coimbatore

Star Ambulance Service is one of the best dead body Freezer Box Rental services in Coimbatore with 10+ years of experience. We offer freezer box rental services coimbatore, 24 Hours Dead Body Freezer Box On Rent in Coimbatore, Mortuary Freezer Box service,Dead Body Ice Box service coimbatore with quick service and easy availability.

Dead Body Or Mortuary Freezer Box

A dead body freezer box, also known as a mortuary freezer box or body preservation unit, is a specialized refrigeration unit designed for the storage of deceased individuals. These freezer boxes are typically used in morgues, funeral homes, hospitals, or other facilities where bodies need to be stored at low temperatures for preservation purposes.

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Here are some key points about dead body freezer boxes:


Dead body freezer box or Dead body freezer boxes are used to temporarily preserve and store deceased individuals at low temperatures, typically between -15°C to -25°C (5°F to -13°F). The low temperature helps slow down the decomposition process and maintains the body's condition until further arrangements can be made.


Dead body freezer boxes or Dead body freezer box are designed with features specifically for storing and preserving bodies. They typically include insulated walls, adjustable temperature controls, internal lighting, stainless steel interiors for easy cleaning, and sometimes built-in body trays or racks for the organization.

Sizes and Capacities

Dead body freezer boxes come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different needs. They can range from small units designed for a single body to larger units capable of storing multiple bodies.

Power Source

Dead body freezer boxes require a reliable power source to maintain the desired low temperature. They are typically electrically powered and need to be connected to a stable power supply. Some units may have backup power options in case of electrical outages.

Safety and Security

Dead body freezer boxes or Dead body freezer box are designed with safety and security features in mind. These can include locks, alarms, and monitoring systems to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the stored bodies.

Regulations and Compliance

The use of dead body freezer boxes is subject to local regulations, health codes, and licensing requirements. It is important to adhere to these guidelines and work with reputable funeral homes, mortuaries, or medical facilities that comply with the necessary regulations.

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Looking for the best Dead Body Freezer Box on Hire in Coimbatore?

If you require the use of a dead body freezer box, it is best to contact Star Ambulance freezer box rental service in Coimbatore. They can provide information on the availability of freezer box or ice box services and guide you through the necessary procedures and requirements for the proper storage and preservation of the deceased.

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